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The photos shown were all taken by me with a Nikon D5500/D3400 and my iPhone 7s/8+/XS Max. They are from events I have shot, social media photos, that have also been used on Tony's website. As well as pictures I took because of my own personal interest.



I have produced, directed, filmed and edited most of my videos unless stated otherwise. I have been involved in a multitude of projects. Some with a team creating a storyboard in assisting the creative process. As well as, being given an thought or idea and creatively creating content on my own and presenting a completed project.


Digital Marketing

I have created a myriad of marketing content for Tony's using multiple tools and skills to set up apart from competitors. These advertisements showcase our offerings, ambiance and deals we may be running at the time. In creating most of these ads I have used ingenuity with Mac Pages program. Most recently I have worked with Canva, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.



I currently am solely responsible for creating content for monthly and event newsletters at Tony's. While at GE Aviation I wrote and did infographics for the company. Due to legalities I am unable to share that information. I have been also been published by SCSU News online, during my time in college.

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